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Welcome to the Happle Tea Store! Cover your carapace with clothing, grace surfaces with stickers, and increase the loveliness of your garments and object holders with buttons!

Happle Tea Buttons!

Pins that feature your favorite characters from Happle Tea and some mythological favorites! Each one is lovingly crafted to your order! There are ten buttons in all: vampire, kitsune fox spirit, baby fenrir, baby dragon, medusa, Lil K, Sasquatch, cat god, Dire Owl, and everyone’s favourite politically minded dark wizard: Jonathan P Necromancer! You can order in sets of 5 or 10 or purchase buttons individually!

All buttons are 1.5″ in size!

If you order a single or 5 button set, please specify in the field below which ones you would like!

Number of Buttons
Specify your button choices:

Individual Comic Prints!

Finally, you can order individual prints of your favorite strips! Printed to order and signed by Scott (if you so desire!) these are printed on high quality laser printers on archival matte paper. Show them off, share them with your friends, use them as some kind of strange communication method with your neighbors!

Write strip title here:

Sasquatch ‘n Me Shirt

The First Happle T-shirt! Printed on American Apparel shirts with high quality printing by Brunetto T-shirt printing. Check here for sizing information. SORRY BUT SMALLS AND MEDIUMS ARE CURRENTLY SOLD OUT.

Shirts are $15 each. $3 For Domestic shipping (US and Canada) and $8 for International Shipping.


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