Like searching through an old abandoned library covered in dust and memories.



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Nov 8Can’t Win
Oct 18NYC Comics
Sep 6Under the Sea
Aug 20Lunch Time
Aug 6Those In Glass Houses
Jul 30Viking Court
Jul 19New Do
Jul 9The Secret
Jun 28Web Presence
Jun 25Sacred For a Reason
Jun 18The Way it Was
Jun 11Nightmares
Jun 4Heavenly Father
May 14The Thunderer
Apr 30Seasons Change
Apr 26Summer Coat
Apr 9The Devil’s Handiwork
Apr 5Totem Trouble
Mar 26Progress
Mar 22Modern Meditation
Mar 15Evolution
Mar 12All Natural
Mar 5The Dead Tweet Back
Mar 1The Problem with Purgatory
Feb 19The Midas Touch
Feb 15Lovestruck
Feb 12Eye Exam
Feb 5Mysterious Ways
Feb 1Monster History
Jan 22The Saga of Snorri
Jan 18Baby Teeth
Jan 15WWJD
Jan 11The Last Slice
Jan 8After Life
Jan 4Priority Mail
Jan 1Viva La Resolution