Like searching through an old abandoned library covered in dust and memories.



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Dec 29Deer Hunter
Dec 25How It Really Went Down
Dec 22Mistaken Identity
Dec 18天狗の愛 (Working Title)
Dec 15Return of the Owltons
Dec 11Sindication
Dec 8Bowie's Labyrinth
Dec 4Fishes and Wishes
Dec 1Night at the Museum
Nov 27Beard Brothers
Nov 24Wisdom of the Ageless
Nov 20Old is the New New
Nov 17Part of a Healthy Lifestyle
Nov 13Guantanamo Bay of Pigs
Nov 10Workin' Man
Nov 6Lil K Goes to Japan (by William Gibbons)
Nov 3HT Kid Detectives And the Case of the Wrongfully Accused
Oct 30Diabetical
Oct 27(un)Death and Taxes
Oct 23Beartrayal
Oct 20The Reality Problem
Oct 16With Friends Like These…
Oct 13Don't Pawn The Ring – Part 2
Oct 9Lil K, Don't Pawn the Ring
Oct 6The Nostradamus Effect
Oct 2Delegating
Sep 29Poor Business Model
Sep 25Key Differences
Sep 22Astrology is Awesome
Sep 18Night Owl (Moving Out – Part 4)
Sep 15The Owling (Moving Out – Part 3)
Sep 11The Secret Lives of Owls (Moving Out – Part 2)
Sep 8Leaving the Nest (Moving Out – Part 1)
Sep 4The Prince and the Birthday Girl
Sep 1At Least The Vikings Were Poets
Aug 28Roommates
Aug 25Off-Putting
Aug 21Where It All Went Wrong (Part 2)
Aug 18Where It All Went Wrong (Part 1)
Aug 14Drapery
Aug 11ENTertainment
Aug 7Anticlimactic
Aug 4The Wicker Man
Jul 31Uniporn
Jul 28Frog Princess
Jul 24The Hungering (Guest Strip #1)
Jul 21What a Twist!
Jul 17Not About Harry Potter
Jul 13Perfectly Reasonable
Jul 10The Church of Pokeology
Jul 6Wishful Thinking
Jul 3Critical Failure
Jul 1Same As It Ever Was
May 15Patently False
May 14One of Those Mornings
May 13Rigorous Scholarship
May 12If At First You Don't Succeed
May 11You Down Wit LHC?
May 8Cruel Fate
May 7Origins
May 6Mug de Triomphe
May 5Don't Fear the Reaper
May 4The Old Ways
May 3Make Ya Jump Jump
May 2The Scourge of Political Debate
May 1Ambrosia
Apr 30Heaven is Gross
Apr 29Fallacies