Sasquatches are world renowned as highly virile creatures. They mate for whole hours before moving on to their next conquest. Not unlike our politicians! Hurk hurk! Am I right?

In all seriousness, one of the most interesting things about the Sasquatch tales that seem to keep cropping up is the severe lack of a stable breeding population. While it’s true that it took many years and modern technology to uncover some of the more recently discovered animals, it’s also true that we’ve managed to find males and females of species and find enough of them to see that they’re able to create offspring and continue their existence. Sasquatches, unfortunately, have never been seen in any kind of number anywhere in the world. When one hears about a Sasquatch or a yeti or any of their myriad other names, it’s always some rogue monster terrorizing suburban or rural residents. One could make the case that it is exceedingly rare to see such creatures as snow leopards and panthers, we have, at least found some. We’ve seen males, we’ve seen females, and we’ve found babies and adolescents. Meanwhile, hundreds of people train eyes, ears, and technology, on Sasquatch haunts around the world and nothing has yet turned up.

I love discovery as much as the next person and I’m open minded about the idea that these things may exist, but as of right now there’s really no compelling evidence. Kind of a bummer.

The strange thing about this is that there are people that link monsters like Sasquatch with the idea of discovery and adventure. There are still animals and plants and places to be discovered and explored all around the world but because they’re “normal” critters, I guess it isn’t quite as romantic. Personally, discovery of any sort seems like an admirable pursuit.

Though I guess it would be totally awesome to capture and train a chupacabra circus….

Besides, there’s a lot of hard work, sweat, tears, and paperwork involved in discovery. There are footprints to analyze, blood samples to test, and…mating habits to…study.

Maybe watching two hairy Sasquatches do the deed isn’t really your ideal way to spend an afternoon, hm?

All I’m saying is be careful what you wish for.