When chlorine just isn’t going to cut it, it’s time to find yourself a water dragon. Not one of those silly lizards. We are talking legit dragons here. Public pools, I’m looking at you.

Dragons are featured heavily in a large number of Asian myths and folktales. Unlike their European counterparts which were seen as vicious monsters, most of these creatures are and were seen as wise beings that purify or protect bodies of water or control rain. The physiological differences between the two are many, but the way they were seen in these two parts of the world couldn’t be more disparate. Even today, dragons are seen as powerful cultural icons throughout Asia and while they aren’t worshipped or prayed to so much these days, they are still viewed as a symbol of certain nations. In fact, there was a Nike commercial not too long ago that featured a basketball player slaying a dragon that was banned in China. That’s some strong cultural identification, there.

Of course, dragons also did a great many other things. They are probably best known for their roles as a kind of imperial mascot, hence the strong aversion to imagery that defaces or devalues dragonkind.

In other news, I hope some people are enjoying the HT game in spite of its shortcomings. The poor thing’s ratings are pretty bad, but I expected that. I guess it doesn’t help that its free. Anyway, it was an exercise for an introductory game development class that was supposed to help us understand what work as an artist in the game development industry was like. I got a lot out of the class in the end, but I didn’t have much to do with coding it. As such, I can’t fix any bugs that might be in it. Oh well, sorry if you didn’t like it! Just put it down!