Let me be absolutely clear here, Sasquatch may or may not be Lil K’s dad. There are rumours that Sasquatch may once, sometime in the past, have had a child. These sources go on to say that he could, conceivably, produce additional offspring. They conclude by stating that Sasquatch is, probably, a male. Or something. They think he exists. Well, maybe he does.

Let’s be sort of hazy.

Okay, but seriously, Sasquatch can’t be Lil K’s biological father, they look nothing alike and Sasquatch is terrible with words while Lil K has a firm grasp on the English language. His foster father? Undoubtedly.

Overuse of emphasis.

In other news, things are getting back to a sense of normalcy or what passes for it in these parts. We are extremely busy developing several comic concepts (some more ridiculous than others) and I am writing the script and doing final passes on 10kM’s first animation project. Things have been terribly busy and it is becoming extremely difficult to keep up! Next semester will, thankfully, be better.

I will have an animatic to show you all soon hopefully from a short animation I am doing with my girlfriend for our final project in Animation Basics 2.

I am also considering doing some screen capturing of my work on a comic strip as I keep getting email about how I work with gradients and textures and things like that. I’d love to do it but my work is so mixed up it’s hard to figure out a time I could do this. Perhaps I will try it for next Tuesday’s strip.