Yesterday was my birthday. Er, actually, today is my birthday. I am writing this on my birthday. Essentially, I am hoping that by writing this on Thursday, my birthday powers will somehow continue into Friday in a shower of gifts and good wishes. I figure that if that happens, the weekend will just give in and continue the celebration.

And if that happens, what then? Perhaps every day will be my birthday. That would be great.

My real life birthday was quiet and pleasant in the ways that I love best. I got wonderful gifts from people I love and a fantastic cake with Sasquatch on it that read, “Have a Birthday”; a capital idea that I followed up on.

Some news to repeat in case you missed it:

There is a charity event TOMORROW, that is, SATURDAY the 17th. is doing a 24 hour gaming marathon which my good friend Victor (who worked on Happle Tea with me before it was Happle Tea) is taking part in. If you can donate, they would appreciate it. All proceeds go to the Texas Children’s Hospital.

The forums are now up. They are, however, in their infancy and, like an infant, they don’t know or do very much. It is up to us to teach them and fill them with interesting things.

The store is also up but the selection is limited. Right now there is a 10kM illustration and you can acquire any HT strip in print for $5. There will be a new print up this weekend, most likely, that will have the same design as featured on the newest wallpaper I posted.