Sometimes we need someone to blame. Why blame yourself when you can blame yourself in the past?

The reality of the situation, in my case, is that, instead of jamming various art utensils into my tiny nasal passages, I had devoured cigarettes like some sort of nicotine fiend maddened by a lack of his drug of choice. It was nobody’s fault really, I raided the ash trays and I got what I deserved: painful stomach pumping and charcoal ingestion at the hospital. Everyone has one of these stories and they are the sorts of stories where family members chuckle and look at one another knowingly and say to themselves, “That explains a lot!”

Being a kid is ridiculous.

Being an adult is ridiculous too, but in different ways.

I think what I’m trying to say is that life is ridiculous.

Let’s all point and laugh.

In other news, going to be putting together some new ads for Project Wonderful this week, and some signature images for forum use if you’d like to advertise HT in style. The donation button also works now, finally.