First off, let us set aside the logical fallacies of this time traveling expedition okay? Theoretically, there is nothing you could do to change the future, anyway, right?

That said, in this comic, I have tried to bring to light how easy it is to fall into old unhealthy habits. It is really a wonderful foray into the world of psychology and human behavior, or something. I mean, a dinosaur with a top hat and tie? Wrap your head around that symbolism, Dr. Freud!

Alcoholics and drug addicts might understand this. So might the chronically lazy. (hint: I do not fall into the first two categories!)

I am really not sure why Future-K hangs out with a dinosaur. It seemed like a logical progression when I discussed it with my brother. I honestly hadn’t meant to do a part 2, but it seemed like it needed some sort of resolution. I did not want you, o reader, to feel stress at the un-resolved nature of K’s time traveling adventures.

I am considering the possibility of little mini-series involving Future-K and Benjamin Franklin Rex, his toothy side-kick. We will see how that goes.

Thanks to everyone sending mail and commenting! I love hearing from you and I try to respond whenever I can!