Change of Heart
I decided I wasn’t happy with Friday’s offering. Here is a strip I worked very hard on, that Liz and Alex helped me write. It is much more awesome and more in keeping with the proper tone for the comic.

Sometimes I write things and don’t think about them. I hope you like this better. The other strip has been lost to the void.

I won’t let it happen again, I promise! haha

Regular News

Sasquatch is and always has been a stud. Unfortunately, all of us have our moments where we are caught off guard by photographers. Sasquatch’s moment happened in 1967.

That isn’t just some arbitrary date I pulled out of thin air, that’s the date Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin allegedly filmed the mighty Bigfoot, a frame of which has been used as the punchline here in the strip.

I’ve always been fascinated by cryptids, that is, creatures unknown to science. Of course, I don’t believe many of them are real but it’s fun to fantasize about their existence. Thunderbirds, Sasquatch, the Kraken, they’ve all got great names and such interesting histories with strong roots in traditional folklore.

Of them all, Sasquatch is clearly my favourite.

School has begun again recently and it has already put a damper on my mood. I like some classes but all I want to do is draw comics and work hard to make things people will enjoy. Bleh!

I wanted to say thanks so much to everyone who has sent an email about the shirts. I have decided to go ahead and get a bunch printed up.

I’m so fortunate to have people that really enjoy what I do. Your comments, emails, and willingness to support me by buying a shirt means a lot to me, as sappy as that may sound. I’m a poor college student and my dream has always been to make some kind of living making comics and it seems like I’m finally getting to that point.

So thanks, I really appreciate it <3 Here is the shirt design again, if you'd like one please email me with the subject line "I'd like a t-shirt". We've found a place and I think we'll send the design out for printing this week! The URL WILL be across the shoulders on the back. The price will likely be 16 dollars as a result.