The fortune teller went on to tell Lil K the rest of his future: “You’re going to die, young man. You will die just like everyone throughout history has died and you will be forgotten just like them and your bones will turn to dust. There is no way of knowing when it will happen, but it will happen.”

Truly incredible powers!

I’ve always wondered how someone gets started doing this sort of thing. I mean, did they just have a bunch of shawls and a crystal ball and think, “Well shit, guess I’ve GOT to become a fortune teller now”? What happens if they decide to change careers? Do they put it down on their resume? “Yes sir, I’m applying for a middle management position. What was I doing before this interview? I was a palm reader, sir. It’s all there in my CV.” If they did, would anyone hire them?

There are just so many questions! Maybe I can get a reading from a psychic to find the information I so desperately seek!

I think I’ve made it pretty clear at this point that I’m no big fan of psychics, fortune tellers, and other such nonsense. It’s not that the idea isn’t romantic or fun to consider, and it’s not even like I have anything against the sort of people that believe in it. I don’t even really take issue with people that claim to have powers of one sort or another, at least not until they start asking for money or trying to tell people how best to live their lives.

The real problem starts when people willingly give up agency in making decisions for themselves or giving up hard earned money for something which is so insanely difficult to verify. Every time I’ve talked to someone that claims to have paranormal abilities or seen them on TV, they speak in such vague terms that it’s impossible to know for sure whether they were right or wrong.

Ultimately though, I’ve not made a big deal out of it in my life aside from poking fun at it in comics for one reason: people are free to do whatever they want. It sucks to see desperate people being taken advantage of, especially people that feel like they really need some help and clarity, but who am I or anyone else to tell them what to do? They are free to waste money on something silly if they like, same as I am free to make fun of them for doing it. What a world!

One of the saddest parts of serious belief in the paranormal, at least to me, is a lack of appreciation for what is actually in front of you. The universe we inhabit and this planet that we live on are wondrous things as it is. They are already filled with a kind of magic that you only really appreciate when you stop thinking about what might be and take moments out of your day to consider what is here right now. Sure, it’s hard to appreciate when you work a job you don’t like or have troubles you feel like you can’t escape but those are the times this sort of thinking can help out with the most. Feeling lost and confused can be devastating but it’s also totally amazing that you are even capable of feeling lost and confused! Imagine everything that has had to happen for that to even be a thing you experience! Consider the mind-boggling chain of events that has lead you to feeling down or hurt, all the way from the start of the universe through the evolution or your ancestors and the ever changing geological forces of the earth. It is incredible that you even exist!

It makes me wonder. Who finds the world so dull that they need to fill it with the paranormal when every waking second is its own kind of miracle?