Liz drew you all a thing. Savor it:

Hey look, it’s more Nessie! Because sometimes you just need more dinosaurs in your life, am I right?

Everyone say thanks to Liz for this comic idea, she’s a genius. We were talking about Nessie comics for a day or two and she just randomly blurted this one out and I laughed out loud at the idea. I mean, you never really get to see what he looks like under that water. It only makes sense that he’d be a buff bronzed beefcake.

(I like alliteration.)

Nessie’s been around for quite a long time, it seems like he’d need some hobbies. Picking up ladies and tanning on the beach sounds like a reasonable thing to do when you live around a lake. Scotland is full of warmth and sunshine, right? Yeah, I thought so.

Since we already talked about Nessie on Tuesday, I’m going to keep this blog post pretty light and use the time to write some more strips instead. I’d like to fill you in on some goings on in the meantime!

William and I will be at Anime Boston April 22nd through the 24th. We will be at Table 96 which, if SPX was any indication, will be in an alternate dimension. I will be bringing some prints of things you can find on my tumblr and I will probably do some individual comic prints (I haven’t decided which ones yet). There will also be some t-shirts (still only have medium and up) and some buttons for cheap! I will probably also be doing commissions randomly and just saying hi and hanging out! If you’re in the area and going to the con you should definitely swing by and say hello and I will give you a high five!

I am, once again, looking into printing a book of Happle Tea strips. I’ve decided that I will probably do as other web comics of this nature have done and break it down by year and include some additional material in the end. This is something that gets asked fairly often in email and comments and twitter so I figured I’d let you know here. Yes, a book is likely to happen sometime this year, no I do not know when exactly, but I will keep you all posted. The problem right now is startup money, it is not cheap to self publish, so I might do pre-orders and offer something nice like a doodle inside the cover when the time comes.

As there seem to be a lot of new people visiting the site lately (I blame Reddit. [hello Reddit, I love you, I visit you frequently in a quiet, lurkerish fashion]), here are some things to look at:

Check out the HT fan page on Facebook.

Here is my twitter account where I tweet relatively frequently and chat back and forth with people.

Here is my relatively newish Tumblr. There is not much there, but I am updating pretty frequently.

And here is my email: if you’d like to send me an email about Nessie, the HT book, or just say hello. I try to respond to questions but I am not always the best at it.

Oh and I may do a live stream of the strip sometime soon, if anyone would be interested in that sort of thing.

Have a great weekend everybody!