This poor girl keeps ending up with weirdos. Stacy has clearly broken up with her warlock boyfriend, only to move on to badly dressed vampires. Ugh…men!

Apparently Stacy, the girl who dates weird supernatural men, is a recurring character now.

I seriously don’t know how vampires in modern films manage to keep themselves so well groomed when they don’t have reflections. There must be a lot of vampire barbers or personal assistants that help them get ready every night, but that has to get expensive…

I know this is a silly joke, but I just love vampires and all the random bits of lore attached to them. They’re one of those pervasive concepts, like dragons, that have a very clear progression from their place in folklore to more modern literary usage. It’s fun to nitpick at all the odd little characteristics they’ve acquired over the years. At least, I think it is!

Either way, being a vampire can’t be easy but dating a vampire is obviously no picnic, either. For instance, you can’t even have a proper picnic. Such a shame! In my lifetime, I’ve figured out that most of the point of having a relationship is to go out on picnics. If you are not picnicking, what are you doing together? You should probably examine your priorities and see if you are really supposed to be with one another. The quality of a relationship corresponds directly to the quality of the picnics the two individuals in question share together.

That’s just good relationship advice, vampires or not.

Okay, I started out thinking I’d write a blog post about vampires and have now begun to talk about the importance of picnics in human relationships. Whatever illness has been eating away at my body for the last four days has clearly made its way to my mind. I will have to go lie down before any lasting damage is done.

At least I got the comic up on time today!