This is from the popular tale where Loki flies around and poops on all kinds of stuff. I believe it is described in great detail in the Poetic Edda.

I’m kidding.

Freyja’s falcon feather cloak is one of several artifacts the goddess of beauty and fertility had in her possession. This cloak, when worn, was able to transform its wearer into a falcon, allowing them to soar through the clouds and, presumably, defecate on everyone in the area. While the cloak does assist the gods in a few stories, it isn’t really a major factor in Norse myth, more just a curiosity that helps with a few issues the gods face. The most well known tale featuring Freyja’s “falcon shape” (as it is sometimes referred to) has Loki borrowing it help him spy on the giant Thrym, a malicious fellow who steals Thor’s hammer. I’ve covered that story in two big batches of comics here and here if you are so inclined to read more about that particular subject.

I’ve always loved Loki as a character, as many of you know. In many mythologies, without the trickster, there is little to no action in the world, the trickster is the mover and shaker of the pantheon, offering humor where it’s needed and acting as a clumsy kind of villain at other times. I guess what I’m saying is that Loki, as he was initially interpreted by the ancient Norse people, is awesome.

I’ve got to admit it’s pretty tough writing these blog posts from time to time, particularly when writing about subjects I’ve talked about a bazillion times. Unfortunately, there isn’t a ton left to say that can be said in a post! You all know how I feel about Odin and Loki by now!

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