We live in an increasingly dangerous and volatile world. In an age of connectivity, where anyone can easily contact anyone else anywhere in the world, our personal safety is constantly at risk. The only thing more worrisome than physical danger is the threat of internet-wang all up in our eyes.

With twitter, email, facebook, AIM, picture messages, etc, no one is ever truly safe from male genitalia and none are as at risk as those unlucky souls following or chatting with US Politicians and pundits.

All of you following politicians on Twitter, I highly advise you to remove them from your list immediately.

The United States has been going absolutely ape-shit over this dick-pic scandal over the last couple of weeks. For those of you that aren’t particularly interested in politics, (this isn’t really political aside from the fact that it involved a congressman) Congressman Anthony Weiner apparently sent pictures of himself and his wang to women that were not his wife. Why this is major news is beyond me, but the story IS hilarious for several reasons. Obvious ding-dong/Weiner jokes aside, the whole thing has been totally nuts over here.

I can’t help myself.

Weiner isn’t the first politician that’s engaged in questionable behavior and he certainly won’t be the last. Plenty of politicians before him have lied/cheated/stole/solicited gay sex after promoting “traditional family values”/etc and plenty more will keep that dream alive in the future on both sides of the Republican/Democrat divide. My brother and I were talking about this issue the other day and our conversation went almost exactly as it does in the comic above. He asserted that these politicians were just trying to get in touch with their constituents, trying to understand the issues of the common man, a statement which caused me immediate worry and a desire to warn everyone to avoid any picture messages my brother might send.

I can’t speak for him, but this sort of behavior just isn’t my thing.

Politics is a strange business. I used to care a lot more about it a few years ago, but it has become increasingly obvious that the whole thing is just a dog and pony show, an overly important popularity contest where little of real value gets done. When people aren’t regurgitating brain dead talking points, they’re arguing over whether a dude that showed off his wee wee should get to stay in office.

It’s all totally preposterous and a waste of time.

Nowadays I spend my time much more wisely: worrying about every email, tweet, and text message containing a potential dick pic.

In unrelated news, I’m doing commissions and freelance work now so if you want some work done (logo, character design, book cover illustration, etc) feel free to drop me a line. I’ll be posting some info on the tumblrs later today for anyone interested!