Animals in fairy tale illustrations could really be saying anything and we’d still find them absolutely adorable. Look at any Beatrix Potter illustration and tell me those waistcoats don’t melt your heart. Yeah, that’s right, you can’t.

I’m a pretty weird person and when I was reading children’s books (specifically Peter Rabbit) I remember wondering why Peter and his family didn’t just try to take down Farmer Macgregor by force. The man was a despot with too many vegetables for his own good. The man could not possibly eat that many salads. Why not share a bit? Why not let the rabbits have a bit of the crops? It’s not going to kill you, Macgregor, you selfish bastard!

Clearly I’m a bit too attached to those adorable illustrated rabbits. I apologize, it’s just that their little clothes are so cute.

Anyway, not a lot of blog post today, I’ve been feeling pretty under the weather this week, as I’m fighting off some kind of plague clearly sent to destroy me. With any luck I will stave it off and become stronger than ever.

They say that which does not kill us makes us stronger and judging by how many times I’ve fought off illness and my ever increasing ability to uproot trees and hurl people through the air, I’m inclined to believe it.