After this ridiculous winter, full of storms and mammoth quantities of snow, it’s really wonderful to step outside and not see much of it left. Unfortunately, the rather abrupt snowmelt has submerged Boston. We are now living aquatically. I expect that we will soon wake up to find that we have evolved gills. Those of us that were not crushed beneath the waves from the melting in areas at higher elevations will, anyway.

My apartment went from being at the top of a hill to waterfront property in a matter of days. It’s actually quite lovely. Much quieter this way, though there are more fish around than I’d like.

Anyway, terribly sorry for the awful lack of comics so far this year, I’ve really been trying to manage my time properly but freelancing pretty much full time and trying to get out and have a tiny bit of a social life have put a damper on my comic making time and motivation, particularly my ability to write. I’m trying to turn it around. I have another comic I’ll hopefully have ready for Friday. Maybe some day soon I’ll get back to doing two comics every week. I miss doing that!