As humans, we have a tendency to romanticize certain aspects of our history. Our mythology is rife with stories of great deeds and supernatural events, but the reality is that even if a fraction of these tales are true, there remains certain aspects that we know were not awesome. Take, for example, the legends of King Arthur. There are so many variations on the tale that glorify the deeds of the man and his knights, the most important of which is how he actually became king. This is not the most important question, however. What we should ask ourselves is, what, exactly was that kingdom like? I have magnanimously provided you the answers to that particular question in today’s strip.

In my ongoing efforts to improve the strip and the site in general, I have decided to ease up on random personal ramblings in this news space. It is my hope that people will read the news and find interesting information relevant to the strip and, possibly, some additional amusement. This is it. For reals.

Besides, we have forums for that now. Also, the 10kM sketch blog.

However, I would like to say thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday on Friday and, once again, thank everyone telling their friends and helping to promote Happle Tea on the web. It is not easy starting a web comic and getting noticed so to every single one of you I say, “Thank you so very much!”