We tell children that anyone can grow up to be president or the CEO of a successful company or amazing painters, but the truth is that most people enter their cocoons and come out as regular ol’ caterpillars. I guess the truth isn’t always very appealing.

Honestly though, I personally see potential in everybody. We all have the ability to do these things, it is just a lack of will and dedication to what you do that stunts the growth of some people. There are others that choose an easier existence because that is just what they prefer, and that’s okay too. The fact is, while we all have potential to be amazing and live out the dreams we have, not everyone wants to or sees how.

For me, I’m starting to realize my dream of being a comic artist and that is thanks to you, the awesome people that visit the site and comment, send emails, and tell your friends. I always appreciate how many people stop by and check the site, its a wonderful feeling. I work hard, for sure. I don’t screw around when it comes to art and writing and I always push myself to do better partly for myself and partly for all of you. I realize that I have a ways to go, to keep pushing the art and the jokes, but its a process that will never stop.

That’s the only way to be if you dream of being good at something, I think. You’re always in a state of transition and growth.