I should have gone to school to be a dragon, but even then I’d be destitute.
Go to hell, Sallie Mae! You vultures! Let me die in peace!

Oh hey that dragon is back! But…where are the princesses for his bed?

I’ve spoken at length about dragons of all types before, so I will direct you toward those posts if you’re looking for something to read about the subject of today’s comic. For European dragons, you can check this post with some stuff about Beowulf, or you can check out this one. If you’re more interested in Asian dragons, how about this one?

I could also type up a rant about education in the US and the costs associated with it but I’m just not in the mood right now. One rant per week about social issues is probably all this site can handle. It’s certainly all my spirit can handle.

Sorry for the late strip, I’d written something else entirely about dragons but wasn’t very happy with it so I had to push to get this strip done, I do hope you liked it!

You may have noticed some new and redesigned buttons on the site, they’re not active just yet, but they will be sometime next week. I’ve also gone through and set up a new email address for myself. If you’ve got some fan art, or if you’d just like to drop me a message, you can now reach me at: scott@happletea.com

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