You may think this method of fossil hunting is cheating, but that’s what I call working smart! Dr. Marcy is set for life!

It’s gotta be real annoying to bury all of those frickin’ things only for them to be dug up later by paleontologists…but then again I guess that’s sort of the point.

I hear the devil buries those things to blind us to the truth: that dinosaurs actually still exist in a secret lost world somewhere off the coast of Africa.

But seriously (or as seriously as I can be about something as ludicrous as this) the idea that the devil goes around planting fossils in the ground is one of those weirdly popular concepts in the more conservative Christian households throughout America (and probably elsewhere). It all starts with the fact that these individuals’ brains (or lack thereof) require the Bible to be absolutely one hundred percent literal. Now, if you actually read the Bible it doesn’t say much about evolution or its authenticity. One might assume that this would end the debate right then and there, but one would be wrong on that count. This unique brand of Christianity believes that the whole 7 days to create the Earth thing is a fact and that when God created the animals he created them all then and there and then moved along to do something else, never to return to the task. When scientists show these people dinosaur bones, a clearly extinct animal, they shake their heads at such preposterous “evidence”. To them, either Dinosaurs either lived with Adam and Eve six thousand years ago when the world was created (and thus, can be no older) or they have to be some kind of trick sent from the devil to make them question the Bible.

Personally, I like that second image. The idea that this poor bastard has to go around and dig his way down into the earth to place these fossils just to try to fool a few hardcore believers is absolutely hilarious. I mean, there are so many questions. Does he enjoy this line of work? Is he disappointed that some people still haven’t fallen for these tricks? How exactly does he take care of this? Does he use some kind of sorcery or is he left to use a shovel? Does God approve of these antics or does he just not care?

While we’re thinking about this, where does he get the bones from in the first place? Does he have to make them? The logistics of this operation are actually pretty staggering now that I’m really thinking about it.

Anyway, I could write a big long blog post about the merits of evolution and paleontology but sane people are already on board with all that and berating people that don’t live in reality with the rest of us seems like a waste of time to me.

On the off chance that I’m wrong, I have to say that I’d feel really bad for Satan. That dude has put in a ton of work for something that is, ultimately, pretty stupid.

At least his work looks really cool in museums.