Living in seasonal New England isn’t easy. Sure, we don’t really have many poisonous snakes or spiders like folks do in other parts of the world, but we’ve got problems of our own. I mean, have you seen the mosquitoes around here in the summer? It’s like they make up for not being around for three seasons by being three times as blood thirsty!

At least there’s one thing we can all agree on, proper seasons or not: candy corn is awful.

Hey, it’s another theme week. Seasons! Just like a couple of weeks ago when we talked about pirates! How exciting.

Seasons for me have always been kind of a mixed bag. I’ve lived in New England most of my life but I’ve also lived in Arizona for a while and in Michigan for a short time. When I was in Arizona, I really missed having proper seasons (and foliage, but that’s a different story). Sure, they have summer and winter, but it’s not really the same. Now back in Massachusetts, I’ve learned to appreciate the fall and winter in a way I never really did before I moved. I’m still not a huge fan of the cold winter months, but I can at least enjoy them a little bit now.

When I was younger I never really understood how some people could enjoy winter more than spring or summer until I saw my brother and my father’s allergies flair up during the warmer months. I think it was about the seventh box of tissues the two of them went through in two days that it started to click for me.

I guess if the issue is whether you can actually get air into your lungs, I’d prefer the colder months a lot more as well.

As for myself, I don’t really suffer from allergies nor do I get sick very often, mosquitoes don’t really bother me enough to be put off by summer, and candy corn makes a handy weapon if you’re ever in danger. Getting mugged in a dark alley? Blind your attacker with unyielding high fructose corn syrup and yellow #5 dye!

When it comes down to it, there’s plenty to love and a few things to hate about every season. I may complain about the cold in winter, but the snow really is lovely. The spring is full of new life and bird song, the summer is warm and bright, the fall is cozy and fresh.

Every season is beautiful in its own way.

It’s nice to appreciate them for what they are.