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This comic is about how sometimes we just happen to fall into love without really searching for it. Just kidding guys, it’s about necrophilia. Enjoy it!

Jonathan P. Necromancer makes his triumphant return. I had always envisioned him as a recurring character, but there’s something powerful about him. He asserts himself in whatever comic I write and that’s not always a good thing. I wrote this strip a while ago and kept it on the back burner but it gives him the space he needs to own the strip!

There isn’t a ton to be said about JP Necromancer at this point. His name implies (and rightly so) that his primary motivation as a character involves corpses. Little did we know just how deep that motivation ran. I guess he can’t really relate to normal humans.

Whatever happened to that race for Selectman, anyway? Maybe we’ll hear more about his political aspirations in future strips!

Anyway, sorry for the slightly late update! Ran into some technical issues and lost my colours at one point then had to go out for the night but I fought through with only 2 hours of sleep to finish it early in the day! Hooray!