This just in: people lie. Human beings lie all the damned time, it happens so often you might consider it just part of the psychology of humanity. The best part is that we often lie about the most inane shit and don’t even question it. Men and Women stretch the truth in any number of ways, especially in personal ads and on dating websites, and the things they lie about are often hilarious. Women lie most about their age. Men? They lie about their height.

Let that sink in for a second. Why the hell would you lie about your age or your height? What is the point? Anyone interested in you is going to figure it out sooner or later! Did you really think they wouldn’t notice that you’re just below the minimum height to ride the tea-cups at the local fair after your dating profile said you were a cool 6’2″?

The point is, everyone’s trying to impress everyone else; to stretch the truth and make themselves seem totally awesome so other people will like them. The problem with this mentality is that it doesn’t last forever. Sooner or later people figure out that not only are you height-challenged, an ancient crone, or a douchebag, they also find out you’re a liar too. But hey, it’s worth it for that short amount of attention, right?

Real-life musings aside, its always interesting to examine the creatures and beings that populate the realm of myth in different ways. We’ve always had creatures, both large and small, to look out for and be wary of. There are people today that legitimately fear the chupacabra, popobawa, various ghosts, and a great deal more. If you were to ask those very same people if they are afraid of giants, however, you’d probably be laughed at. As the world has become progressively more connected and our awareness of the landscape has increased, it seems there’s no more room in our subconscious minds for giants and large monsters. The truth is that none of these things probably existed. They always populated the dark and terrifying corners of the earth, places we could not possibly delve into. Giants and their ilk are just too damned big, they’d be spotted in an instant nowadays by myriad airplanes flying overhead.

Along with giants, we seem to pay no heed to other monstrous creatures. Dragons, thunderbirds, and manticores, along with many others, have just gone out of style, while other mythical creatures retain some or all of the supernatural charm that captivated the minds of our ancestors. Even now, there are places in Ireland dedicated as santuaries to the Little People and spots held sacred in South America due to the presence of some god or monster.

I guess that’s the interesting thing. All of these things were brought forth by human imagination and they deserve a second look today. They’re all important and sacred in some way, even if its not a literal one.

Besides, I guess everyone needs a little love, even giants that lie about their height.