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Have you heard anything from God lately? It seems like that guy was a big deal for a while and then just sort of dropped off the radar. I wonder if he ever plans on getting back in the limelight.

It’s been a long time since I ever set foot in a church, much less Sunday School. I recall some awkward moments questioning the validity of the arguments presented and a reluctance to colour Jesus hung bleeding from the cross with brightly hued crayons. That somehow seemed more sacrilegious than anything I could say. How do you colour the greatest suffering ever inflicted on another human being, son of God or not?

That’s not to say that the focused laser of my eight year old mind was directed only at the Christian establishment. It was not and has never been. I think I was nine when I questioned my mother about the existence of Santa Claus. Does that make it okay? I sure hope it does.

But seriously, Christianity, as such, has never been a problem for me. I have, however, always found it difficult to reconcile the sort of willful blindness people have about their faith. Picking and choosing what to believe is nothing new with human beings, but it always seemed silly to me to call yourself part of an organization with a strict set of rules and tenets and then cherry pick what parts were important to you. Really, I wish people focused more on the good aspects of the Christian faith and followed Jesus’s teachings properly and with action. That’s something I haven’t got the willpower or inclination to do on a personal level and I deeply respect those that dedicate their lives to helping those less fortunate than themselves, in the name of Jesus, Zeus, or nobody at all.

I always wonder what these comics relating to God might mean to a deity of that caliber. How would they take them? Curiosity and humor are things built into us and if such a being exists, one hopes they are as forgiving as one has heard.