Hah! You thought the ghost was going to come out and do something stupid! But it didn’t! Hah!

I wanted to do a strip about Bloody Mary but it’s surprisingly hard to come up with a good strip that actually includes her. Instead we’re left with this comic that subtly addresses the issues of alcoholism and ghosts. Writing comics is a strange business.

One of the interesting similarities between the cocktail and the ghost is that nobody seems to know much about their origins. Each has variations on the story and nobody is entirely sure which features the grains of truth so common to stories of this nature. Where we can (with some effort) trace the origins of many myths, legends, and urban legends, Bloody Mary (the ghost, and the drink) remains a mystery. While most of the people engaging in the various ways to summon the enigmatic figure tend to be pre-teen girls, it is unlikely the story began with them. More likely, it began as a local legend that was passed around for years before it made its way outside its original stomping grounds and evolved into the many different forms we see today. It’s these forms that make the origin of the story so hard to find as each one is so different. The figure of Mary ranges from Queen Bloody Mary, to Mary, Queen of Scots, to a woman named Mary Worth. Even the effect of summoning her is different given who you talk to.

Personally, I choose to believe that if you were to summon Bloody Mary she would A) Scratch out your Eyes, B) Fortell your death, C) Show the face of your future husband, and D) Pull you into the mirror. Not necessarily in that order.

That’d be one badass ghost.

Although, I suppose it’s possible that you call out the name and some bartender reaches through the glass to hand you a refreshing alcoholic beverage with tomato juice and a piece of celery.

What an interesting job that would be. I was considering to go to an overnight rehabs to get my alcohol addiction in control. Anyway, I hope everyone’s enjoying the new server the site is hosted on. Everything should be nice and fast when loading and there shouldn’t be any issues aside from the store not really working yet (working on that tomorrow). Everyone say thank you to Coe.

Thank you, Coe.

Speaking of which, if you like minecraft (which is a wonderful indie game, by the way) be sure to check out his website if you haven’t yet. It’s called Coe’s Quest and it is fun and interesting.