We are into the second week of June and, as such, it is officially summer time! You know what that means. Time to go to work and wish you were playing outside! Hooray!

Unless you’re a kid, in which case, this is the best time of your life. Go enjoy it!

Being from Massachusetts with its unpredictable momentary weather patterns and its seasons has made it a little bit difficult to understand what people deal with in places that don’t have seasons. I lived in Arizona for a short time and got a taste of what it’s like and I didn’t enjoy it, though that was mostly because of the landscape, not exactly the seasons. As much as I love the idea of change, the concept of seasons, I’ve never been a fan of winter. The cold strikes me to the bone, I end up feeling pretty down and find it difficult to muster energy to do much of anything. When summer rolls around, it’s entirely the opposite. Naturally, I prefer the summer.

The sunshine, the foliage, the green hills, gentle breezes, summer rains, and sitting outside at night to look at the stars, these are the things I live for. Winter has the rather unfortunate role of simply existing to make the summer stand out in my heart. While I never truly take summer for granted, the winter does make me wish for it more. I can appreciate winter and fall for a while, but sometimes the cold drags on for far too long here in New England.

Thankfully, we’re finally pulling out of that time of year, moving into the season of lying in the grass, reading on the porch, looking at the stars and the like. My favorite time.

I hope everyone is, so far, having a good summer and I hope that continues. Take a step outside and a moment to appreciate all the fun things summer has to offer and all the things it has offered you in the past.

It’s a wonderful day out there!

Also, I hope you enjoy this second week in a row of three comics on Tuesday. I’m trying to keep it up for as long as I have time!

Oh and there is some new fan art up of Lil K hanging out with one of the characters from the webcomic Oglaf! Check it out! So cute! I meant to post this forever ago! haha