Sasquatch, man, that is just too stylish!

So maybe you’re wondering where I’ve been these last two weeks… Seeing as this is a pretty simple comic that doesn’t require much blog post, I’ll fill you in.

Let me start by saying that this isn’t meant to be some kind of livejournal-esque sob story about my life. I’m just letting you guys know what’s been up. If you don’t really care about that sort of thing, no worries, just skip the post!

As many of you know from some comics I’ve done and blogs I’ve written on the subject, I’ve been dealing with an anxiety disorder for a number of years now. It’s nothing that usually keeps me from getting my work done or focusing on improving myself in my own way, but I tend to get very sick whenever I have important activities to do that require social interaction. It’s been difficult to deal with because unlike a lot of other people that suffer from this sort of thing, there’s not really a mental component to it. I don’t stress about stuff or worry, I just get into situations and get ridiculously nauseous. Anyway, I’ve finally got a doctor and have been going to appointments and trying therapy and whatnot and it was suggested that I should try some medication. I’ve always had problems taking medicine of any kind so I’ve stayed away from it for a very long time but, having dealt with this stuff for about six years now, I decided maybe it was time to try what my doctor was telling me.

Big mistake.

I tried some meds for a few days and suffered some of the worst nausea and panic I’ve ever experienced in my life. I woke up after the first night (after waking up constantly through the night) at 12:30 in the afternoon and couldn’t get out of bed until 2:30 and I kept feeling sick for days. I only took the meds for a couple of nights but the effects lasted for about a week. It wasn’t a pleasant experience

Part of why I decided to try the medication was that, for the first time in a very long time, I was feeling down about making comics. I love writing and I love drawing comics but it’s not easy to do. It’s hard to keep putting content out there and sometimes feeling underappreciated. It’s hard to visit sites like Reddit sometimes and see some of the stuff that gets upvoted there. Comics that are just really vapid observations with no twist or joke or even anything insightful get huge upvotes and really clever stuff (not even talking about my own work) falls by the wayside. It was just…depressing to me. But whatever, such is life, right?

After taking the meds and finally recovering from that stuff, it was hard to recover from the lingering general blah-ness I was feeling beforehand. I’m sorry I let it get in the way of doing something I love and something that I like to share with the world.

I realize that there’s no point in getting upset about stuff like that. It’s up to me to push myself and make content other people will find some joy in and it’s up to me to share the things I think deserve some love. I’m feeling a whole lot better this week and I’m planning to get back to writing every day and getting comics done on time. I’d really like to do a full five days of strips (monday through friday) in the next week or two to help make up for what I’ve missed!

Thanks to everyone for your concern and thanks to everyone that reads and shares the comic. You’re all awesome and I will try not to let stupid stuff get to me again!

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