Fear brings out some pretty crazy stuff in people, things you might never have imagined.

The creature mentioned in the strip, albeit briefly, is the brollachan: a strange monster from Scottish lore that is sort of undefined in its appearance. In all the stories pertaining to the creature, this is one fact that remains unchanged. It somehow hasn’t got a shape of its own. Some stories tell of how it takes the shape of whatever you fear the most, a trait it shares with one of the creatures in the Harry Potter series, I believe.

This comic raises a lot of questions. First: who is Sasquatch’s dad? Second: How many people has Lil K murdered? Third and most importantly: How does a ghost have a ghost? I feel like that last bit needs to be explored in a later comic.

The store is now working properly, shipping is working right, the costs are working properly, and you will be asked to supply an address as is only right and proper in shipping products. I’m terribly sorry that it took a few days to sort it out but now that it’s working, it should be easier next time around. As I’ve said before, buttons shall be offered soon alongside the shirts. This brings me to my next point.

I’m offering everyone a chance to help decide what the VERY FIRST Happle Tea mini comic will be! I’ve got some ideas and you can all give me your thoughts via twitter and tell me which one you like best. Then I will print them and sell them after the 1 year anniversary of Happle Tea on July 1st. Stay tuned to Twitter, next week I’ll let you know what the choices are!