Oh, God, you silly naïve deity! How could you not know that would fail miserably?

I guess it doesn’t really matter. If people didn’t fight over their different skin colors, they’d fight over something else. Like religion, perhaps?

Oh wait, with this lovely world we live in, we get to fight about BOTH of those things! God’s plan sure was thorough!

Have you noticed that there are two versions of God in the comic? I can’t say it was ever intentional to get to this point where we have the traditional Yahweh and the more ridiculous Cat-God, but I’m happy with how it turned out. I like to think of them as one in the same, albeit Cat-God is the jaded, angry version of God that has just got so fed up that he has chosen to torment a young boy day after day.

Many people that believe in God, and especially those who don’t, find the character of Yahweh to be a little confusing. Some folks assume he’s an angry fellow, others that he WAS angry, but calmed down a bit in his old age, and still others believe it’s all just a little bit ridiculous and that there’s no real sense in worrying about it. Personally, I’m the last category, but I always liked to think of God as more bumbling (but kind-hearted) buffoon, than dead-beat dad or angry big brother. It’s like, yeah his heart is in the right place, he has just completely underestimated the idiocy of his own creations.

You can’t really blame the poor guy!

Of course, it’s all just silly conjecture. Nobody knows the true nature of God if there is one. It’s just sort of fun to reflect on what he’d be like. I like to think that our own conceptions of God say more about ourselves than him. Most of the folks I know that think of Him as being wrathful or angry, tend to be pretty wrathful and angry themselves, even if they don’t display it to everyone.

I guess that means I think of myself as a little clumsy, short sighted, and too willing to believe the best about people! Hah!

No matter what God’s plan was or is for humanity, I just hope folks will stop hating on each other for such silly things as skin color. If you’re going to hate people, at least hate on them for the things they choose to do, not the way they were born! Ideally, we just wouldn’t have to hate on each other for anything, but that’s probably a little too much to hope for right now.

I really think we’re all on a steady path toward acceptance and understanding, but it’s a tough road and a slow one. If the Civil Rights movement in America taught us anything it’s that there is hope.

For now, I imagine God looking down on his creations and shaking his head sadly wondering just how he could possibly be so short sighted.

He just wanted to make things a little more exciting! A little more interesting!

Mission accomplished.