UPDATE 2: I believe the store is actually working now. If you have any trouble buying a shirt, alert me via email at k@10km.org or on twitter: @happletea.

Demons these days don’t have to work very hard. Traditionally, the work of tempting mortals into sin was about the only thing in their professional lives. Now that television and the internet have been invented, I’d guess they’ve got a lot of free time on their hands.

How do you compete with free internet porn, violent television programming, and reality shows? Here’s a hint: You don’t. You find yourself some other marketable skills and you get working.

This strip doesn’t really do justice to the topic of demonology, unfortunately, but this surely won’t be the last we hear about them. The whole area is, as we say, a target rich environment, at least when it comes to writing strips about myths and monsters.

Thanks to my cousin Kevin for supplying the basis for this ridiculous strip scenario! The demon living in his house will hopefully appreciate this strip as well.

There are some new things for you to gaze upon! First of all: the store is now open. There are shirts but they are limited. I will be sending them out as I get them and ordering more if the demand seems great enough! If you would like to declare your love for Alex, my model, please email me so I can pass on your proposal to him directly.

Second: New Fanart! The lovely Liz has created a clay version of Lil K and Helena has portrayed Dire Owls as they relax and intrude on poor K’s already cramped and terrifying lifestyle. View them and appreciate them!

Finally but probably most importantly: My brother has finally created an Etsy account on which to peddle his hand crafted wares. He is a blacksmith and crafter of various things and is incredibly knowledgeable about Norse runes and rune carving. He has some cool little things on his Etsy account right now so if you like that sort of thing, maybe you should purchase one and encourage him to create more? Check it out here: Forge the Sampo