Today’s offering is a guest strip by one Marco Jimenez. Marco is one of my favourite people in all the world and I do not get to see him or hang out with him nearly enough. He was kind enough to supply this marvelous strip while I have been crushed beneath homework, what a great fella.

The strip today features those tempting tarts of the high seas, the Sirens. It also features some kind of creepy ship captain with a bird. What Lil K is doing with that guy is beyond me, but given the sort of adventures he usually gets up to, I guess this shouldn’t be that surprising…

The sirens of Greek myth were some of the deadliest creatures mankind could possibly face on the open sea. Turning man’s own desires against him, they lured countless sailors to their deaths with their magnificent voices, watching them be crushed upon the rocks of their island residences or waste away beside them with no food of their own to consume. However the method of their demise, sailors had much to fear of the sirens and their song.

The idea of the Siren as a deadly seductress is one of the earliest versions of the femme fatale in a popular context. Dangerous women luring helpless men to their demise through desire is an allegory for a few things, but the darker side of love is the most apparent. Men have, and likely always will, end up falling head over heels for women who either do not love them back or who inadvertently break their hearts. Naturally, most women aren’t out to murder anyone but writers are prone to allegorical hyperbole, especially in instances such as this one.

The more general notion here is to watch out when it comes to desire of any kind. Finding oneself hopelessly devoted to the pursuit of anything can lead one into danger that might be inescapable.

It’s a shame we can’t have some sort of alert system to warn us when we’re getting just a little too close to something truly dangerous…

Something like…I don’t know…perhaps a siren?

Or maybe a crusty old sea captain would do.

Take your pick, I guess.