There is a problem with mass market appeal that goes beyond the simple avenue of comics. To grab the lowest common denominator (read: the majority) among us, anything reaching national or global levels, typically, needs to be so watered down that it nearly fails to say anything at all. Comics in American newspapers are a great example. Maybe I’m in some minority, but I don’t know a single person that really likes newspaper comics anymore. There are a couple that are alright, but most are so dull that you’d have to remove one of the central figures, create an entirely new experience, and make a habit of doing so for it to be funny in a strange, sad sort of way. Or maybe you could take a that same character and turn him into something a little…different. It got me thinking, who could possibly be in charge of picking up these comics and what sort of delicate sensibilities must they have?

For my part, I’ll take vulgar webcomics with something to say over a cat who hates mondays any day. But hey, that’s me.

Also: owls are back! Hoo!

This comic was actually born out of a very stupid drawing I did on the small pad of paper we keep on our kitchen table. William and I got to talking (as we often do) and then drawing, and thus the owltons were born.

Maybe we need a full happle tea strip to explore the limitless possibilities provided by these incredible characters…

In other news, I recorded my work on the strip, edited it down, and set some music to it that you may or may not enjoy. Feel free to mute it. I’m not sure how much educational value there is in it, as it is sped up about 10 times faster (it took an hour and a half to do, reduced to 9.5 minutes) but it certainly looks cool!

Oh and there’s 5 seconds of black at the start of that video. It’s not broken, I just suck at editing. Oh and there’s some weird artifacting that goes on when I zoom in and out randomly. Not sure what that’s about, but just giving you a heads up.