Ah, static electricity, that awesome power of nature. If this has never happened to you, count yourself among a lucky minority. I’ve lost several good friends on account of some socks that were just a little too good at generating static. They will be missed.

There are times that I wish reality worked the way it does in comics and novels. Magic, exaggerated physical effects, dudes going super saiyan, there’s something appealing about most of that. Fantasy works because life is typically pretty dull by comparison. Everyone wants to take a break from work and the oft depressing world of reality at some point. That’s sort of why this is a comic as well as a blog. The comic is meant to give you a laugh, a smile, a break from the normal and the blog is meant to help inform, entertain, and put things into perspective for you and for me. There’s a nice balance there that I think is helpful for people. It is, at least, helpful for me.

Sometimes, when I feel like life is just too much, I end up being distracted from my own internal issues by something that seems totally mundane. Snow, trees, animals going about their business, the particular movement patterns of people, these things are all amazing if we stop to think about it. They’re more amazing than any fantasy writer could come up with. The natural world is full of incredible things that surround us every day and that we tune out on a daily basis. They’ve become part of the rhythm of the music of life that plays every day. Even the simplest things, like static electricity, are mind-blowingly cool if you stop to think about them. Electrical forces being generated through friction? How is that not awesome?

I get the sense that most other human beings don’t really feel this way, that somehow I’m kind of weird. I know that it’s difficult to step back from the lives we lead and open our eyes up to the wondrous things that surround us, but it has been a huge factor in maintaining my happiness. To stare at the sky and see the stars and realize that my birth was an almost impossible event, statistically speaking, is simultaneously humbling and uplifting. There are some who find a kind of solace in a creator that had a hand in their birth and that watches over them, but I find that solace in the incredible balance that the universe has produced. We walk a fine line between chaos and order every day and it’s this balance that allows us to be here right now, experiencing what we do. It’s nearly impossible to hold this concept in my mind at all times, but it’s something I strive for. As someone that pays a great deal of attention to human affairs, it’s helpful to have something like this to put everything into perspective. When humanity makes me feel down, I can look at the stars an the grass and the trees and know that somehow everything will be okay.

If there were one piece of advice I could give everyone, it would be to find something that helps give you a sense of perspective. Find it and cultivate a mindset that allows you to consider it whenever you have a free mental minute. That way, when traffic looks bad and you’re starting to get angry, you can just step back, realize that it’s not really a big deal in the grand scheme of the universe, and save yourself some anger and suffering and, maybe, save someone else some suffering from your anger as well.

If I could offer a second piece of advice it would be to always be very careful with static electricity. You never know what could happen and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Your friends are precious. Please don’t electrocute them.