Ah, the ever elusive lady-squatch. Men want her. Women want to be her. She is the epitome of style, grace, and undiluted animal magnetism. Now if someone could develop a tranquilizer strong enough, I’m sure she’d make some man very happy. Or some woman. I’m not sure she knows the difference.

Oh hey it’s Sasquatch again in a strip that is actually about him! I love drawing that guy. Fun Fact: my mom’s fiance wrote a poem about Sasquatch that actually inspired me to put him in the comic a little over a year ago.

Attraction is both strange and mysterious. That whole thing about beauty being in the eye of the beholder is relatively dead on. While different societies have a general cultural idea of what is beautiful, there is no guarantee that what an individual finds attractive will match the next individual’s. I’ve always found this kind of cool, this weird genetic independence, as our choice of mates helps identify who we are. The variable levels of attraction further serve to set us apart from our peers, as attraction isn’t just about physical beauty (well…for most of us).

This all extends into the realm of general personal preference. We’re all different people with different ideas about how things should be, what is beautiful, what is funny, etc. There was a time in my life where I found other people enjoying the things I hated to be something I should despise and mock. I think we all go through that phase at some point, mostly during our early teenage years. You think you know what’s best and that everyone else can go screw themselves. Most people grow out of that and, as for me, I now embrace the fact that other people enjoy different things than I do; whether that’s comics, films, music, beauty standards, etc. I feel like the differences between the individuals in a society are what make us stronger. As long as the things you enjoy don’t hurt anyone, why shouldn’t I embrace your right to love what you do?

Because that’s what it really comes down to. You can look at someone who enjoys, say, Justin Bieber (to choose a popular subject of internet bashing) and you can mock them and you can mock him, but what does that get you? Enjoyment, happiness, these are some of the best things in the world and crushing someone’s spirit because you don’t enjoy a particular thing or don’t find it beautiful is almost demonic. I say let people enjoy what they do so long as it isn’t hurtful to others. It’s no skin off my back if you enjoy a comic I don’t like or find that girl or guy attractive when I find them distasteful. I wasn’t going to date them anyway.

Because really, people just want to find enjoyment and feel loved and it’s not up to me or anyone else to say they shouldn’t have that. Whether you’re a human being or a hairy Sasquatch, it’s a basic right.

So take a look at that yeti woman next to you and try to find the beauty within her. Though, you might want to do it quickly, before she tears your arms off.

You can ponder that beauty during your recovery time at the hospital. There will be plenty of it.