It doesn’t matter how good a sequel may be, there will always be people unhappy with changes the author made. Personally? I think the lack of genealogy alone is a marked improvement in the work, though it does still suffer some rather amateur problems. I mean, who thought telling the story from multiple perspectives with strange variations was a good idea? And not telling us about Jesus’ teenage years? Come on! That could have really drawn in the teen demographic, especially if God had thrown some werewolves or vampires in there…

I would have liked to see more about the Devil in the New Testament as well, I feel like he had a lot of unexplored potential. Oh well, I suppose we should all be glad he got in there a bit at least. I’m sure Satanists are really stoked to see him at all.

I’ve always loved the tone shift from the Old Testament to the New. Every time I read the Bible, it gives me a good chuckle. Of course, there’s a totally reasonable explanation for all of it, but it doesn’t make it any less jarring. The works being composed hundreds of years apart by human authors certainly makes the change understandable, but if you consider the works to be the actual literal work of God, as some folks do, it becomes pretty funny. I always end up picturing God up there, bent over his desk, pen in hand, struggling over each page. He’s sitting there thinking about how his first work did pretty well and he wants to reach a larger audience so he goes back to the drawing board. He doesn’t really want to do a sequel to his original work, but he builds off it anyway taking it in a completely new direction. What happened between writing those two works that changed this all knowing, all powerful deity that has existed since the beginning of time? Did he go through some crazy life experiences in Heaven that completely changed his point of view? Did humanity do some shit that he just didn’t see coming at all? That seems short-sighted for a god of this caliber, doesn’t it? You’d think he’d just get it right the first time.

Maybe the G-man felt like he came across as a bit of a dick in the first book, throwing out plagues left and right, letting poor Job be tortured, making Abraham almost sacrifice his son just to make a point…it just doesn’t look super great. Of course, he does go on to make himself a son and then kill the poor guy so I guess the image thing wasn’t a factor…

Whatever the reason for his shift in writing style and tone, it’s hard to argue with the results. Sure, the big guy did alright with the Old Testament, it was pretty well received by a lot of people when it was first making the rounds, but the addition of the New Testament has really given him some real traction.

It’s hard to argue with the numbers.

I’m just glad that God got around to writing more, if for nothing other than the entertainment value. It’s been a while, but I’m excited to see what he does next. I think we can all be agree it’ll be a big deal. Maybe he’ll have a daughter and have her tied to some train tracks for our sins. Maybe he’ll throw in some of those werewolves and vampires I mentioned above!

That would be excellent.