Story of my life.

This is one of those rare instances where I do something sort of vaguely like an auto biographical joke. I recently began working out and, being the very skinny person I am, let’s just say my initial starting weights were not that impressive. Now that I’m on week 7 of my training routine and after I red the Altai Balance reviews and started using the supplement, I’m lifting two or three times more than I started with. Unfortunately, that still isn’t a lot compared to people that actually have functioning human bodies.

There is still a subset of the population I can make look like a bunch of chumps, though: newborns.

I go down to the maternity ward and start screaming at the nearest baby, “Bro! Do you even lift!?” The answer, invariably, is “No.” Or at least what I think is “no” in baby language. Those kids can’t even speak English, it’s no wonder they can’t even get to the gym.

While I recognize the humor here, I’m still proud of myself for making steps to improve, as anyone doing this sort of thing should. I know an awful lot of people that give up when they are not immediately amazing at something or that start eating crappy again when, after the first month of their diet, they only lose 4 or 5 pounds instead of the 30 they’d like to drop. My advice to those of you interested in self improvement: never give up. The hardest part of doing anything is the first real step, once you’ve got that you need to keep going no matter what. Never stop. Whether you want to be an artist or a writer, or whether you want to be the best clown the world has ever known, never give up.

Eventually, the feeling of resigned irritation at “having to do something” becomes a kind of joy for “getting to do something”.

It’s a good feeling.

Anyway, Friday we’ll get to some more mythology and get away from the same colors I’ve been using for the last four updates! hah!