Hardcore Republican politicians will always kick and thrash and scream about the same tired bullshit. Grow up, you fucking babies!

That said, the Happle Tea site is now completed. Users can comment on comics, but require at least one previously accepted comment before they can post regularly. I’ve also allowed gravatar images to be used as icons.  It took me a week of hard work but I’m glad it’s finally done and working. If you see any issues with the site, please contact me: k@10km.org.

I’ve begun advertising using Project Wonderful. I’d like to see how well it works and maybe once I start generating traffic, I can put an ad box on my own site. We shall see! New content will be posted this week, I’m writing strips today and working on them this week now that the site is done!

A NOTE, TWO YEARS LATER: This strip is the only strip in the archive that has caused me to receive (a few) legitimately angry comments or emails. I just wanted to clarify my own position here. I’m not a democrat, nor am I a republican. I almost universally despise politicians of both parties and their ideologies. I do NOT hate people that vote republican nor is this strip REALLY about them. It’s about politicians using tactics to distract American Voters from real issues with a dog and pony show.