I am moving soon to an apartment in Greater Boston. Roommates and living situations and moving have been on my mind for the the last week or two and let me tell you, if someone takes my orange juice, there shall be retribution.

That is all I have to say about that.

I am fairly intrigued, personally, about Sasquatch’s fatherhood. There are authors and writers who will tell you they do not write a story, they tell a story as it comes, as though it were a tale from another world. I would be terrified of the world this particular fever dream comes from, if that is the case. I cannot say that I always know where this strip is going or what the story behind the characters is, but it is funny to keep bringing up Sasquatch’s child. Some day, perhaps after thousands of Happle Tea strips (Raptor Jesus, let it be so) someone will collect the facts laid before them and give us a proper family tree for the characters and provide a full background for each one. Odin knows I will sure as shit not be doing it.

Though that might be an interesting thing to include in a Happle Tea book.