What is there that I could possibly say about this one? Clearly it is very high concept. If you don’t get it, well I guess it’s just not for you.

Would it help you to know that my brother helped with this one? I blame him.

There’s something that is at once horrifying and hilarious about the idea of giant birds, at least, that is true for me. Birds in general are terrifically ungainly and the thought of one of those preposterous beasts made gigantic is almost too much to bear. Apparently, however, there was a real threat from the skies for our evolutionary ancestors, something that may have been passed down in genetic memory to create monsters like the Roc. The other alternative is simply that human beings are remarkably awful at judging the size of objects in the air. With nothing to compare objects to (no trees, foliage, people, or hot-dog carts) it is nearly impossible to accurately estimate the size of most things in the air. There have been studies that prove this.

The Roc depicted in this comic is rather small compared to some of those told in various Arabic tales. There is good reason, I assure you. I simply couldn’t fit anything larger in that frame. Hurk. Traditionally, Rocs were said to be so large as to be able to carry off a whole elephant in their talons, which is damned incredible.

And now a few things: I have to say thanks to my brother, to Liz, to Andrew, to William and to Alex for always giving me valuable input, ideas, and assistance wherever and whenever needed. I also would like to thank everyone that reads the strips and shares them with friends. If not for all of you, I would be toiling in obscurity. I am keenly aware of how much everyone has done to help promote this comic and for that, you can be sure that I frequently torture myself psychologically in an attempt to produce comic material for you to enjoy, smile at, and hopefully, laugh at.

T-shirts, as I said, have arrived and Alex has kindly modeled them for you all to see here. They will be available starting sometime next week, there are only 50 for this first printing, and the Facebook group will get first wind of what’s going on. If you don’t get a shirt and you want one and if we sell out quickly, we will surely be printing more. Buttons have not yet gone to the printer but I believe we will send them out this weekend.

Front Design

Back Design

Alex Modeling the shirt!

Back Modelin'