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Have you been to Reddit? That place is like 90% cat related content. If Bastet wanted to revive her cult, it’s the obvious choice for a starting point. They’re practically her worshipers already! Combine that with bad puns and ancient memes that 4chan gave up on forever ago and you’ve got yourself one hell of a popular submission!

But I kid the Reddits!

Also, what is this the third Bastet strip so far? I really need to give some other gods a little face time, eh?

Ever since I did this strip a while back, I’ve been meaning to do some more comics where Lil K tries to help ancient deities find their way in a modern world. I’d actually had an idea to do a more story based comic to that effect a long time ago, but Happle Tea ended up being so much fun that I never got around to it. Thankfully, HT provides a flexible format to mess around with that concept whenever I want!

It’s kind of funny to think about these powerful divinities being revered in ancient times and now, suddenly bereft of worshipers and surrounded by technologies and concepts they don’t entirely understand, trying to regain some of their old popularity. It’s like a bit like a man going through a mid life crisis and trying to relive the glory days of his high school football career. It’s never going to be the same. The best these gods are going to get is shoe on head memes and valueless karma points on an internet website.

I guess that’s still better than what that Chinese river dragon got for his job placement in that old comic…

Anyway, I think we’re all pretty familiar with Bastet by now and for those of you not familiar with Reddit, by all means check it out. Like all places on the internet it has its faults, but overall, it’s a fun place to visit. If you’d like to know a little more about our feline friend, check out the blog posts for her previous two comics here and here!