I warned you on Friday that we may need a full three panels solely dedicated to the incredibly complex characters known as The Owltons. Today’s strip features Mr. Owlton doing what he does best: dramatic zooms for absolutely no purpose.

This is the last time we’ll see the Owltons for some time, I think. I’m contemplating doing some bonus strips of The Owltons for when I get the first Happle Tea book printed. I’ve known for some time that I wanted to include some bonus materials to people helping support the site in such a way, and have been kicking around what sorts of things I could, reasonably, pull off. Future K and Benjamin Franklin Rex is a definitely possibility. Now we’ve also got The Owltons. You guys are sure in for a treat.

I’m glad people seemed to like the video of me drawing the strip. If you missed it, here’s the link again.

We will return to our regularly scheduled mythological monster madness on Friday.