And in mere moments he went from prestigious scholar of neuroscience and master of his own laboratory to just another morsel at an all you can eat buffet for zombies.

I wonder if studying all that neuroscience made his brain taste better.

Sometimes I like to think about weird outcomes of our “safe” choices. It’s life’s little accidents that make things interesting, don’t you think? Hopefully not studying brains for a living only to be devoured in the first moments of a zombie attack interesting, but still…interesting can be sort of fun. It spices things up. Sometimes it’s horrible, but overall it’s a good thing, I think.

Anyway, this is essentially the reason I pursued art rather than studying brains. I’d rather be a poor artist with his skull in tact than another statistic if zombies ever start eating everyone. Maybe life will somehow find a way to throw a wrench into my safety plan, though. Perhaps some alien race will swoop in and vaporize all the webcomic artists and then fly away to their distant home world leaving everyone else alive and well.

Well there I go, now I’ve got to forget how to draw and figure out something a little more safe to get involved in.

I don’t think I’d like being vapor very much.