The best thing about this topic is that it is real. There are, indeed, adventure colleges in the world and they often bill themselves as liberal arts colleges with a focus on environmental sustainability. The reality is that they are training you to sleep with bears. If you can sleep with bears, why continue on in society? Why not, say, find yourself a comfortable cave, a furry new friend, and avoid all that messy loan-repayment?

An adventure program is a fairly interesting idea but one that I would not have the stamina for, personally. I love the outdoors but I am much more laid back in my appreciation for it. My idea of a good time outside generally involves draping myself over things in the sun as opposed to quietly practicing my peculiar obsession in the relative safety of my own home.

The only reason I heard about these schools was because of my brother who is my opposite number in many respects. The idea of hiking trails and leading people on adventure tours appeals to him and I have to respect that.

If I did not, he would probably beat me up.