It really is almost impossible to tell who works at the Renaissance Faire and who is simply an enthusiastic visitor. One minute you’re purchasing some cool medieval swag, the next minute you find out you’re in possession of illegal substances!

I went to a Renaissance Faire here in Massachusetts this past weekend with my brother, sister, and some friends and I’ve got to say, it was a pretty fun time. People at the Faire are a boisterous lot, it’s the same sort of attitude you see at big comics and anime conventions. Put a bunch of people in costumes together and you’re bound to see some pretty surprising stuff. We saw a dude in armor seriously get his groove on to some bagpipe music on one of the stages. We went through the whole first song before realizing the guy was not at all part of the act. As the song ended he just got up and walked off like nothing had happened and the band looked just as surprised as the audience. I had to wonder if this guy just goes to Faires across the country, dancing uninvited in his battle attire. What an unusual lifestyle that would be.

Everything feels more intense at the Ren Faire, people get very excited about the strangest things and I found myself struggling to keep up. I’m not usually the sort of person that feels very intensely about anything at all, but when we watched the knights do their scripted battles on the tourney field, I couldn’t help but scream my support for Sir Geoffrey, the drunken knight. That whole affair is a bit like professional wrestling and it’s just as fun to watch. Knights parading around on horseback, working the crowd into a frenzy and then hurtling across the field to gently tap one another with their lances is not something you get to experience much these days. Though it’s a shadow of the jousts they imitate, it’s still an exciting thing to watch and it’s hard not to get caught up in it.

In the end, we didn’t end up buying magical “herbs” from any fake alchemists (though I’m sure my brother would not have minded) but I did have a very good time despite how ridiculous the whole thing can be. If you’ve not had the chance to visit a Renaissance Faire, it’s definitely something you should experience once in your life.

Anyway, I’m cutting today’s blog post short as it is my birthday and I don’t feel like writing much! Sorry!

Also I’m sorry about the site problems late last week, everything should be back in order though some of the later comics lost their comments. They will be missed. Everything else appears to be in fine working order, though!