Yes, you can buy ghosts in China Town. You can get anything in that place, you just have to look.

The strip is slightly late again, please accept my apologies. I had crafted a strange experiment wherein the strip was presented in four, wide, vertically stacked panels. When I came home to finish working on it at 10pm, the file completely failed to open so I had to start from scratch. I figured the comic gods had deemed it an extravagance and done away with it. First time that’s ever happened.

I guess there’s nothing like a little consistency, eh?

It’s crunch time at school for the next week or so and things are spinning out of control pretty quickly. I ended up animating 25 seconds of work in 2 days just to get it over with and I feel like my brain is melting out of my skull. Couple that with sleeping only 3-4 hours a night and you have a dangerous cocktail.

That’s right, Sweet William’s love of stupid puns is rubbing off on me. I must fight against it!

I also must figure out how to start generating some revenue with the website. Would you guys be interested in buying prints if our store were set up nicely and I had more ridiculous things on offer? The reason I say this is that I’ve had a lot of people interested in buying happle tea books next spring, but to do that, I need money. Unfortunately, living in Boston, not having a job, and doing 70+ hours of work every week between school and this comic doesn’t leave much for my printing fund.

Let me know, I’m interested to hear what you might want, dear readers <3 I'd rather not shift over to advertising...I hate those ugly boxes mucking up beautifully designed websites...