Are we still doing this Mares of Diomedes storyline? Yes, yes we are. There’s one more to go, hopefully you’re not sick of these damn horses yet.

After his epic battle with the cruel and, frankly, rather fucked up Diomedes (as discussed in last episode’s blog post), Heracles sends some of his loyal youths to fetch these evil horses. I’m not really sure why he felt to send a bunch of young boys in, when he was clearly capable of handling it himself, but that’s how the stories go (at least some of them, anyway). I’m guessing some of these fellows were really trying to impress ol’ Heracles, because what other motivation could you possibly have to tangle with bloodthirsty equines? The whole thing is rather bizarre.

Anyway, after being fed the remains of their master, the horses calm down, Heracles and crew take them back to Eurystheus who had planned to do gods only know what with them originally. Now that they’re docile and no longer desire human flesh, they’d probably make fine steeds but is that what they do? Of course not. What happens, exactly? Well we’ll talk about that next week at the thrilling conclusion of this totally weird story!

Also, apologies for missing last week’s comic, I overdid it and ended up injuring my wrist a bit so I had to take it easy. I’ll try to make it up this coming week! :>