It can be hard to imagine the sort of personalities some of the more unsavory individuals in the world must possess for them to be doing the things they do. I can’t help but equate some of these hackers and virus makers with the ultimate voyeur in fantasy literature. I like to imagine a modern day Sauron, sitting at his PC, sipping some Mountain Dew and laughing menacingly as he monitors his botnet from a comfortable slouch.


For those of you that aren’t in the loop, I had some computer troubles stemming from a rather tenacious rootkit last week. Apparently, with this sort of infection, these dregs of humanity can actually see the sort of things you get up to on your PC and (obviously) attempt to steal passwords or hijack the computer itself. Of course, if the voyeurism is more their thing, I’m afraid they’d be pretty bored seeing what I get up to every day. I imagine there’s only so many times they could stand to watch me visit my favorite bread-making forums to argue with other baking enthusiasts before they just give up and go do something else.

I’m kidding, I can’t even eat bread.

My plan, up until these events began to unfold, had been to update on the usual schedule after the start of the New Year, kind of a way to start fresh and get back into the comic making process. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly a bright idea to be logging into your decently trafficked website while you’ve got a rootkit sitting there on your hard drive. It’s a pretty terrifying experience when it comes down to it, and it’s something I haven’t experienced for a very long time. In the end, I had to clear my computer entirely along with my external hard drive. The whole thing was a bit of a nightmare but after hitting the HD’s with several formats and running every anti-malware and anti-virus software known to man, I’m happy to say that everything is now fine.

If you don’t care about boring personal stories, don’t bother reading any further!

Anyway, that only explains the last couple of weeks being late and I’m sure some of you are curious about what’s been going on these last 2 months or so. Things lately have been on the upswing for me, I’m staying in Cambridge at a family friend’s home and making regular trips outside. I’ve been going to the doctor and having all kinds of fun procedures to investigate my constant stomach issues and have made some progress on that front. It turns out that the anxiety I’ve talked about before largely stems from the constant discomfort and nausea I feel, not the other way around. With the stomach problems clearing up I’ve been more social and happy and I even rode around on the subway a few days ago, something I haven’t done in quite a while. It can still be tough, at times, and I’m still trying different strategies and meds for my stomach, but all in all I feel pretty hopeful and like I’m starting to get back to my old self.

One of the things that has been coming back is my desire to create, draw, and write. It feels really good doing comics right now, even though it is very difficult to get back into the writing process. I’m doing my best to keep at it so I can get back to updating twice a week. I know if I can do that I’ll feel a lot better.

Sorry again for the ridiculously long absence, I appreciate all the kind words and concern from all of you. It’s a really amazing feeling knowing that there are, essentially, total strangers out there wishing me the best and hoping to experience more of what I do.

Thanks to everyone, it means a lot to me. I won’t let you down!