And that was the beginning of Rabies Boy. He would go on to run wildly into the roads, avoid water, and attack others unprovoked in a frenzy. He wasn’t the hero we deserved or the hero we needed. Someone called animal control and he was dealt with. A true hero’s journey.

I’m not sure what sort of powers one would get from a shrew bite, but maybe that’s all Lil K had handy. Maybe he’d get some kind of burrowing ability? Imagine the kinds of things you could do with super burrowing powers. If they were impressive enough, I’m sure there would be a lot of government infrastructure contracts one could acquire if one were so inclined. Boston’s Big Dig project may have been heroically saved by a young Shrew-hero…

Ah, wouldn’t that have been lovely?

Well it’s a new year and I’m still alive and fairly well. I hope you all are having a wonderful year yourselves. I’ve been doing some work for Boom! Comics again, you’ll probably be seeing some cover designs of mine this year and I’m looking at trying to get out to conventions again for the first time in years. I’ll keep you all posted if that happens! I’ve also been writing some stuff here and there not connected to any kind of comic or art work. I’m wondering if I should put together some place for people to read that. I’m a bit self conscious about my writing but I think if anyone could give me some good feedback it’d be you lovely folks. What do you think?

Anyway short post for a simple comic idea, there’s not much mythology or history to relate on this one so I’ll follow up with something more meaty on the next update! Much love!