Trolls and their ilk are a troublesome lot. They ruin international efforts in infrastructure management, they are mean spirited, and worst of all, they smell awful. “But Scott,” you ask (and rightly so), “what are we to do about this problem? You, who are so wise in the ways of monsters should know!” Well I’ve got a few words for you!

I have no goddamn idea. They live under bridges, how do we even begin to get them out of there? They can hold out there forever, or need I remind you, they are trolls.

In all seriousness, trolls are rather interesting creatures to read about. Products of Norse Mythology, (as so many well known monsters and creatures are) they have been depicted as horrible monsters as well as mere interesting oddities. They have also made their way into role-playing games as a staple monster for adventurers to destroy. You know you’ve made it as a monster when you appear in the D&D Monster Manual.

There is some new fan-art up in the fan-art section! There is some artwork from Liz featuring our gnome friends from last comic and a comic I completely forgot to mention (like an idiot) by Chris S. Check them out!